Resource and Patient Management System(RPMS)

An Easy and Integrated Way to Effectively Manage Resource and Patient Information.


RPMS software applications have been, and continue to be, customized and enhanced based on requests and input from users throughout the entire Healthcare system - people who use and depend on the applications, reports and information every day. As we can use information technology support system, RPMS is mission critical.


RPMS has 4 main components - hardware, software, network, and database - each of them vital to the overall success of the system. They allow facilities large and small to work independently and within the larger network of a healtcare system and are an integral component for providing the best and most effective healthcare to individual patients and to the community as a whole. It also supports efforts to ensure maximum funding and revenue generation.

Product Description

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RPMS is an integrated solution for the management of clinical, business practice and administrative information in healthcare facilities of various sizes. Flexible hardware configurations, over 50 software applications, and appropriate network communication components combine to provide a comprehensive clinical, financial, and administrative solution. This solution is in use at most health care facilities within the Indian health care delivery system.

Product Details

PlatformC#, ASP .Net
Date of launch May 10, 2015
CategoriesManagement, Branding, Print

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